Are there any good eCommerce CRM for Shopify?

eCommerce CRM for Shopify

Shopify has a rich app ecosystem where you can find almost every kind of app to help grow your business. But your search for a good eCommerce CRM for Shopify may reach a dead end.

How would you define a Good CRM for Shopify?

With rising cost of customer acquisition it’s important to make the most of each acquired customer. To be able to do that you need a good eCommerce CRM that would help you,

1. Identify Customers

A CRM tool is useless without any customers. it’s important that the tool helps you identify and convert store visitors to customer accounts by capturing at least one channel of communication to contact them.

The CRM tool should be able to track the visitor session across the website to understand products that they are interested in and connect the session with the customer identity once the visitor provides the email/mobile identification.

For e.g. A Visitor discovers your store through Facebook, searches and browses across your website one day. The next day when they provide you their email, you should be able to connect that email to the products that the visitor was interested in to market it to them next time.

2. Know You Customer Data

After converting your visitors to Customer it’s important to bring all your customer data at one place. This would help you know your customer better.

One of the problems with the Shopify ecosystem is that your customer data is spread across different apps, you need a CRM tool to bring all this data together at one place.

For e.g. Customer loyalty points may be available in a loyalty app which your Abandoned Cart Recovery app may be not aware of. A CRM can bring this data together so that you can include available and expiring loyalty points in your cart recovery communication and convert better.

3. Send Personalized Communication

Knowing customers helps you send personalized communication to them helping you to build better relationship customer. A good CRM for Shopify should be able to tell you preferred communication means for a Customer.

It should be able to Tag customers and let you build create segment which you can use to send only those communication that is relevant to them.

For e.g. Send high ticket product emailers to customer most likely to purchase high-ticket products, send discount emailers to customers most likely to convert using discount codes.

What can a good eCommerce CRM tell your about a Customer?

  • Referral channels that brought in the Customer.
  • Customer session history and browsing behaviour.
  • Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Available and preferred channels of Communication based on Open Rate (Email, SMS, Whatsapp etc).
  • Recently Viewed Product and Current Products in Cart.
  • All marketing communications sent to customers.
  • Past and current Support Tickets for Customers.

Available good eCommerce CRM for Shopify.

Though the market is flooded with CRM tool, very few are tailor made for eCommerce and specially for Shopify. Here are some available apps,

1. Metrilo

Metrilo is an eCommerce CRM built primarily for Shopify, but with just 6 reviews and the last one from Oct 2019 the app doesn’t seems to be a hit in Shopify AppStore.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is a major CRM player but it’s primarily a Sales CRM pivoted to work for eCommerce. It has very Sales oriented approach to eCommerce which does not work well in terms of scale.

HubSpot Shopify Pipeline

3. eShopCRM – An eCommerce CRM for Shopify

An upcoming eCommerce CRM dedicated for Shopify being built by Vishwesh Shetty, a Shopify AppStore expert with apps used by over 15k Shopify Merchants.

eShopCRM is currently under development and you can join the waitlist here to get 6 month of free access to the tool.

eShopCRM - an ecommerce CRM for Shopify

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