How to embed Instagram Stories on Shopify Store

You must have seen a lot of stores integrate Instagram Feed on their Shopify Storefront. It serves as a great Social Proof for your brand presence and also converts your Store Visitors to your Instagram audience. But did you know you could even showcase Instagram Stories on Shopify Store along with your Instagram Feed.  

Instagram Feed + Stories Demo

Why should you showcase Instagram Stories on your Store?

With Instagram Feed, you can mostly show images, but with stories and highlights you can add auto-play videos to your website.

Instagram Stories is a great way to share,

  • User reviews
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Unboxing
  • Influencer Promotions
  • Top Selling Products
  • Tell your Brand’s story & more..

How to Embed Instagram Stories on your Shopify Store

You can find the app to Integrate Instagram Stories on Shopify AppStore here –

Instagram Feed + Stories app on Shopify AppStore

Once you install the application, enter your Instagram Username or your copy paste your Instagram link and click on connect.

Enter your Instagram Username and click on Connect

The Feed, highlights and stories (from last 24 hours) would be automatically fetched by the app and downloaded.

By default, highlights and feed would be active. Disable highlights to show stories instead of highlights on the Storefront.

The stories and feed are automatically placed just above the footer on your Stores Homepage. You can customize this placement by adding following div tags to a custom html section of your theme.

<div id="instagram-stories-box"></div> /*For stories & highlights*/
<div id="instagram-feed-box"></div> /*For Instagram Feed*/

Or you can follow this video for custom placement, or contact customer support to customize the placement.

​If you face any issues or require any customization you can always contact the customer support for it. The turnaround​​ time for customer support is usually less than an hour.

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