How to integrate Google One Tap Sign Up With Shopify

Google One Tap Login Shopify

Google launched its new Identity Service – Google One Tap Sign Up and made it available for public in August 2021. You must have seen this integration as a dialog on top right section of almost every major websites like TripAdvisor, Medium, Pinterest & Kayak etc.

How It Works?

Google One Tap Sign Up identifies Google account of your Store Visitor if they are logged in on Google in the same browser. These accounts show up in a small dialog on your website. Visitors can click on these account and share their email and basic info with just one tap.

How to integrate Google One Tap Sign Up with Shopify Stores?

Though Google One Tap Sign up is not in built on Shopify Storefront, you can use apps available on Shopify AppStore for this Integration.

Once you Install the App and activate it, you will see the dialog on your Shopify Store. When a user chooses an account, the customer is created on Shopify.

On the App Dashboard you can see all the emails captured. You can easily export all the capture store visitors data as CSV. After that, you can import this CSV on any 3rd party email marketing platforms like Klaviyo.

In addition, this app lets you to provide discount coupons in exchange of Sign Up on your store. This works as a great incentive to improve Sign Up rate.

Why you should Integrate with it?

It’s the most frictionless Sign Up Mechanism currently available right now.

You can fetch store visitors name as well as email id unlike Popups that are used to capture only email.

Store visitors don’t need to type their email manually

Success Stories

Paperang captured 611 emails through this app in over 2 months.

Jogenii captured 189 emails in over a month.

Sugar Moon Farm has 209 sign ups through this app on their Shopify Store

As adoption of Google One Tap Sign Up becomes a norm, more and more store visitors would opt for it and increase conversion rate of emails captured.

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